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Founded in August 2000, GTCFI has evolved as a leader in cargo securing products, systems and solutions. Our full staff strength comprising excellent engineers combined with outstanding customer service capabilities are a win-win for all. We have the best in-house quality test mechanism ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of quality albeit at an affordable price. Further, we make sure there is no loss, either to man or material, while handling cargo in transit or at storage – this is true even in the production of goods. Our engineers use the latest technology in production with an emphasis on product innovation and product re-engineering. All in all, we are a one-stop-shop solution for customization, quality, safety, and innovation.

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Mission and vision

GTCFI aims to become the global leader in the manufacture, export, and distribution of various Wire Formed and Pressed/Stamped components/items. The company wishes to establish itself as the most reliable and prestigious player in the manufacturing industry by:

1. Addressing the needs and expectations of customers in a timely manner

2. Continually improving processes and manpower through innovating training mechanism

3. Continually raising quality and environmental awareness within the company, and among its customers and suppliers

4. Developing sound practices for effective waste management and proper consumption of electricity

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